E/M Coding Update: 2019 and Beyond
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NOTICE: The changes coming in 2019 - 2021 will apply ONLY to OUTPATIENT encounters.  The rules for documenting inpatient encounters will remain the same.

Learn all about the changes coming to E/M coding and documentation starting in 2019 and beyond.  Utilize newly liberalized and expanded shortcuts to streamline your documentation.  Get ready for the new rules for coding based on time, the option of coding based solely on MDM and the blended payment structure for new and established office patients which has just recently been finalized and confirmed.  There are also new G codes which will allow primary care physicians improved reimbursement and increased payments to non-procedural specialists providing complex care.  Finally, there is a new extended services code for outpatient encounters with a decreased time threshold.

Run Time: 54:36                CME: One hour of AMA PRA Category 1 CME

E/M Coding Update: 2019 and Beyond

Changes Active NOW for 2019

  • New, liberalized rules for utilizing ancillary staff documentation
  • Referring to previous elements of history and exam
  • Decreased documentation needed for home visits
  • New rules to decrease the documentation burden on teaching physicians

Changes Coming in 2021

  • New rules for coding based on time
  • Coding based solely on the MDM
  • New minimal documentation requirements for new and established office patients
  • Blended payment structure for new and established office patients  
  • New G code to increase reimbursement for primary care
  • New G code to increase reimbursement for non-procedural specialty care 
  • New "extended" E/M service code for outpatient visits, with decreased time threshold

Included in this Curriculum

  • Access to our core curriculum of "The Basic Course" and "Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services.  
  • Access to our E/M coding toolbox with downloadable templates, coding guides and more
  • Access to our online MDM calculator

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 The following modules are also included

 with this E/M coding curriculum.

The Basic Course
This is the "core curriculum" of our E/M coding series and teaches you everything you need to know about the key components of history, physical exam and medical decision-making. Using real life clinical examples, you will learn that it's not the quantity of documentation that matters--it's the quality.

AAPC CEU Credit: 1
AMA Category 1 CME: 1 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services
This is program serves as an introduction to the concept of "Rational Physician Coding." Learn how to quantify your medical decision-making to select the "correct" level of care. Then learn how to perform and document the elements of history and/or exam in a purpose-driven manner to maintain compliance.. 

AMA Category 1 CME: 1 hour
AAPC CEU Credit: 1

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